An experienced educator, Dr. Wilkins held teaching positions at Nothern Michigan University, Mayo Graduate School, and the University of Oregon. Brad has also given numerous seminars within business organizations, universities, and conference proceedings. Currently, Brad is an adjunct instructor teaching Human Performance and Sport Products within the Sports Product Management Program at the University of Oregon. As a proponent of science careers outside traditional academic settings, Brad has been involved in science career development programs with the American Physiological Society and is devoted to the proliferation of good science, critical thinking, and creative exploration within the sport products industry and beyond.


W124° Education Program

Innovative products and services, those that truly impact human performance in sport, require some depth of understanding; an awareness of how the human body will respond and adapt to the stress and strain of exercise.  Every organization, team, or company (no matter how big) that aim to make athletes better, monitor athlete progress during exercise or training, or generally inspire humans to get out and move should have a basic understanding of the physiological responses to exercise.

Knowledge drives creative problem solving.

As part of the mission to educate and translate scientific insights, W124° developed seminars specifically designed to educate organizations and teams creating novel products and services in the sports and fitness products industry.

Designed as a two-day seminar, these offerings will serve as the foundation for any organization to build creative and inspired products that truly push the boundaries of human potential. If your team already includes sport science staff, we can work together to supplement or compliment their knowledge for the greatest impact. All seminars are specifically designed to help enable the translation and application of scientific insights to products and services.

Speaking Opportunities

Dr. Wilkins has been invited to speak on the numerous topics, including (but not limited to):

  • Scientific career paths outside of academia
  • Impact of scientific exploration on product innovation
  • Integrating science & wearable sensor technology
  • The physiological limits of human performance
  • How passionate teams dedicated to a singular goal can move mountains


Whether it is lessons learned from Breaking2 (science, strategy, or teamwork), pushing the boundaries of human potential, or creating an impactful scientific career; Brad is open to various speaking engagements.

Interested in having Brad come speak to your organization, conference, or class?


My passion lies at this intersection…

“Science Discerns the Laws of Nature · Industry Applies Them to the Needs of Man” These words feature prominently on the ceiling rotunda as you enter the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry (if you have not been, go the next time you are in Chicago). My passion...

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