Behind Breaking2

Nike News

In December last year, Nike unveiled Breaking2, an innovation moonshot to deliver the first two-hour marathon barrier.

An Exclusive, Behind-the-Scenes Look at How Nike is Trying to Break the 2 Hour Marathon Barrier

Runners World

Standing on the sweeping bend of the infamous Curva Parabolica, three of the greatest distance runners in history shiver in the late-afternoon breeze, awaiting the signal to begin.

Nike Digital Sport’s science director strives to go beyond ‘dumb’ sensor technology

The Portland Business Journal

Nike Inc. may have discontinued production of its FuelBand device, but the corporation is still sprinting ahead with research into better, smarter wearable technology.

Nike’s attempt to break 2-hour marathon barrier deserves props, not criticism

The Oregonian

Much of the criticism of Nike’s Breaking2 attempt is spot on, while also entirely misplaced. If you haven’t been paying attention, Nike has been exhaustively preparing three world-class runners to attempt to break two hours in a marathon.

Live Simple, Train Hard, Be Honest

Office Magazine

For decades the two-hour marathon has been a far-away dream in the world of long-distance running, until Nike made it their mission to break the two-hour barrier. Breaking2 was conceived when the brand named after the Greek goddess of victory sat out on a mission to do the impossible.


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